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        Celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mariso Corporation

        Celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mariso Corporation!

        Technology Training

        • Turbocharger Repair Service
          With professional turbocharger repair station located in Pudong District of Shanghai, Mariso can pro...
        • Cygnus 5+ General Purpose Multi-Mode Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
          New generation of ultrasonic thickness gauges,incorporating Multiple-Echo, Echo-Echo and Single-Echo...
        • Cygnus Flooded Member Detector System
          With over three decades of designing ultrasonic equipment for the offshore and underwater environmen...
        • Elcometer 24285H High Pressure Mobile Abrasive Blast Machine - 15bar
          The Elcometer 24285 High Pressure Abrasive Blast Machine is ideal for large scale applications requi...
        • ElcoMaster? Mobile App
          ElcoMaster® Mobile App brings the office to where you are. You can connect Elcometer Blueto...
        • Elcometer 24285 Static Abrasive Blast Machine - 12bar (174psi)
          The Elcometer 24285S Abrasive Blast Machine is ideal for continuous high production blasti...